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    Destra Network

    The first on-chain one-stop solution for all your DePin, Cloud and AI computing needs.

    At the core of Destra lies the power of the Destra GPU network, Destra decentralized cloud solution, and Destra AI computing mechanisms. Destra elevates these elements by decentralizing their centralized aspects through Smart Contracts, IPFS, Destra Nodes, Destra DNS, and the Destra ENS Gateway.

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    Destra network

    A Beacon of true decentralization

    DSync transforms the conventional web3 scene by seamlessly blending the decentralized cloud solution and GPU network in a mutually beneficial arrangement. This harmonious interplay optimizes AI computation to its peak efficiency. Unified as a single entity, all these elements converge to power the Destra Network.

    DSync revolutionizes data storage and retrieval, transitioning from conventional location-based addressing to content-based addressing. Our distributed network guarantees data permanence and distribution while mitigating risks linked to centralized servers. This is achieved through the utilization of cutting-edge technologies such as the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS), ENS, Destra Nodes, and Destra's Decentralized DNS.

    Our decentralized infrastructure ensures that your applications are built on a truly decentralised, secure, reliable, and transparent network.


    Cloud Solution

    Destra Network pioneering
    decentralized cloud solutions

    Transcending the limitations of centralized controls and governance we are building one of a kind products to protect sanctity of Web3.

    Destra GPU Network

    The Destra Decentralized GPU Network democratizes hash power. Contributors are rewarded through the Proof of Sync Consensus based on the hash power they provide, offering a tiered pricing model that meets diverse needs of consumers. Utilizing AI for optimal workload distribution, by ensuring privacy and security through a truly decentralized framework.

    Destra GPU Network

    Destra DNS

    Our decentralized DNS solution, operates by linking Web3 domain names directly to file IDs in a decentralized storage network like IPFS, bypassing traditional IP address-based resolutions. This network relies on a distributed system of nodes run by our network validators for domain name resolution, eliminating the need for centralized authorities.

    Destra DNS

    Destra Blockchain

    The Destra Blockchain underpins our Proof of Sync Consensus, streamlining network efficiency. Through an API, validators report node performances directly to the blockchain, allowing the consensus algorithm to reward contributions accurately. Discover blockchain-powered network excellence with Destra.

    Destra Blockchain

    Destra RPC

    Destra Labs innovates with Destra RPC, tackling privacy issues in conventional Ethereum RPC services like Infura and Quicknode, which log transactions and IPs. We prevent potential doxing by separating IPs from transactions, ensuring user privacy. Choose Destra for secure blockchain services.

    Destra RPC

    Destra Net

    DSync distributed computer network, where users can partake themselves, by allocating storage and processing power to Destra's distributed network and get rewarded.

    Decentralized Cloud Solution

    Destra offers a comprehensive suite of decentralized cloud solutions, ranging from domain names to web hosting. All services are 100% decentralized and managed by the Destra Protocol through smart contracts.

    DSync distributed network

    DSync distributed network, where users can partake themselves, by allocating storage and processing power to Destra's distributed network and get rewarded.

    NFT Storage Solution

    NFT’s can be stored on our true decentralized storage network, instead of the centralized web2 storage services.


    Destra Network's Cutting-Edge Solutions

    The range of innovative products is designed to provide users with a true decentralized experience of the internet.

    • Decentralized Web Hosting
    • Destra GPU network
    • Destra AI computing mechanisms
    • Decentralized DNS ( Destra DNS )
    • Decentralized ENS Gateway
    • Decentralized Storage Solutions
    • Distributed Network ( Destra Net )
    • Proof of Sync Consensus

    Embark on a journey towards a decentralized future with Destra Network.

    Proof of Sync consensus

    A unique mechanism to measure the resource contribution (storage, computing, database) by each individual participant on the network and reward them accordingly.


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